M.C. Escher (1953) Relativity

I am a Psychologist interested in how people interact with built and natural environments, and how this interaction might influence wellbeing as well as sustainable behaviour.

My general research interests are in Environmental Psychology, Gerontology and Cognitive Sciences. In my research, I investigate how our physical and social contexts influence people’s psychological wellbeing, attitudes, and behaviour, as well as the psychological process that lead people to shape their environment. I am especially passionate about studying the experiences of vulnerable groups, including older people, and people with disabilities. I have conducted research on these topics employing both qualitative, quantitative and mixed-methods approaches.

Understanding the ways in which individuals interact with their environments is now more than ever crucial to promote sustainable development. Thus, my research aims to address three Sustainable Development Goals:

UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030

I love Escher’s art because it reminds me of the complexity of our society and each individual. To tackle societal issues, we need to embrace the complexity of people’s interactions with the environment. To this end, my work embraces Clark’s concept of Extended Cognition (Clark, 1998), according to which mental processes and behaviours are better understood if the individual is considered as a whole system with the surrounding environment.

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