Publications & Dissemination

Peer Reviewed Publications

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Conference Contributions

Marica Cassarino, Eleanor Bantry-White, & Annalisa Setti (2019). Choosing a walk in nature or downtown? A mixed-methods study of Cognitive and Sensory Preferences of Outdoor Places in Older Age [Oral Presentation]. International Conference of Environmental Psychology, Plymouth, UK, 4/7-SEP-19.

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Marica Cassarino, Rose A. Kenny, & Annalisa Setti (2017). Environmental Approaches to Cognitive Ageing: An Investigation of the Role of Population Density and Disability [Oral presentation]. Irish Gerontological Society 65th Jubilee Annual and Scientific Meeting “Changing Perspectives in Gerontology – the Next 65 Years”, Wexford, Ireland, 28/30-SEP-17. Published on Age & Ageing (2017) 46 (suppl_3): iii1-iii12.

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Marica Cassarino, Rose Anne Kenny, & Annalisa Setti (2015). Urban Environments Benefit Cognitive Ageing: A Cross-Sectional Study of The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing Cohort [Poster Presentation], The International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics European Region Congress, “Unlocking the Demographic Dividend”, Dublin, Ireland, 23/26-APR-15.

Marica Cassarino, Vincent O’Sullivan, Rose Anne Kenny, Annalisa Setti (2014). Environmental Risk Factors for Cognitive Ageing: Geographical Location, Social Engagement and Lifestyle [Oral Presentation], Irish Gerontological Society 62nd Annual and Scientific Meeting, “Science for Healthy and Active Ageing”, Galway, Ireland, 09/11-OCT-14.

Invited Seminars

Marica Cassarino (2019). Is nature good for you? It depends (also) on your brain. School of Applied Psychology Invited Talk Series 2019-20, University College Cork, 21-OCT-19.

Marica Cassarino (2017). What’s so Risky About Young Drivers? Examining individual, social and environmental factors. School of Applied Psychology Invited Talk Series 2016-17, University College Cork, 02-OCT-17.

Marica Cassarino (2017). The Country Mouse and the City Mouse Grew Old: A tale of urbanisation and cognitive ageing. School of Applied Psychology Seminar Series 2017-18, University College Cork, 21-FEB-17.

Doctoral Dissertation

Marica Cassarino (2017). Urbanisation and Cognitive Ageing: An investigation of geographical variations in the cognitive health of older adults in Ireland. University College Cork.